Kangaroo Lite

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Kangaroo Lite is the new Kangaroo family bike from Winther. It is the ideal family bike for transportation of children on the way to the kindergarten, on a trip or just when you need to get going.

High quality
The design of a Kangaroo Lite is simpler that the Kangaroo Luxe, but it still has everything you need to get around in an easy and pleasant manner when travelling with your children.

The road-holding qualities are great, it is stable and easy to ride – and the spacious cabin has plenty of room for the children up to 120cm tall.

Focus on safety
The children are safely seated in the impact-resistant cabin. The cabin has reflexes and it has been prepared for adding lights. When riding the bike you can look at your children though the cabin cover.

The seats, see list of accessories, are made in blown plastic and comes with a five point harness.

Kangaroo is supplied...
The Kangaroo is supplied individually adapted and fully assembled with hood, hydraulic disc brakes, puncture free tires and 7 gear shimano nexus. Seats and other accessories should be specified when ordering a Kangaroo, see also under ‘accessories’.

The hood comes in red, black, silver and blue. The frame comes in black, red, silver, white and blue. These colors can be combined as you like.

Color combinations

Hood: Red, black, blue, silver. Frame: Black, red, blue, silver and white.

Frame construction:

Aluminium 6061 (frame - rear) and steel (frame - front)

Cabin base:

Impact-resistant ABS plastic


Nylon, shower-proof PVC-free fabric.

Steering system:

Head tube solution

Front wheels:

20x1.75 with mono-suspended hub, double-based aluminum rim and hydraulic disc brakes.

Back wheels:

26x1,75 with internal gear and footbrake.

Net weight:

38,4 kg. + 2 seats of each 1,5 kg

Load capacity:

100 kg, excl. driver

Wheel track spacing:

84,5 cm


Length: 207 cm, width: 89 cm, height: 114 cm.

Cabin dimensions:

Length: 93 cm, width: 71,5 cm, height from cabin seat to hood: 64,5 cm


Item number




Single seat complete (max two units per trike)



Seat cushion (single unit)



Pocket set (2 pockets for storing smaller items)


15862 + 11604

Luggage carrier incl. rear light



Frame lock, black

39290 Weber baby seat and adaptor
The baby seat can be mounted on the adaptor (the seat will need to be taken out). The baby seat is recommended for children from 6 month and maximum up to 9 kg.

Head support for the baby seat
The headsupport can be attached inside the Weber baby seat so that even the youngest babies can fit the seat



Rain cover/garage
The rain cover gives good protection of the cabin on rainy days.
The service life of the cabin is extended if avoiding sunlight for longer periods and using the cover instead.






More information is coming soon...

More information is coming soon...

More information is coming soon...

More information is coming soon...