Kangaroo Luxe

Kangaroo Luxe is the original cargo bike from Winther. It is a cargo bike of the highest quality created with a focus on comfort, safety, functionality and design  – The ideal family cycle for you and your children when you are on the school run, when you go shopping, when you go on a day trip or…

Comfort and superb road-holding qualities
Kangaroo Luxe delivers superb road-holding qualities due to the patented 3-point steering system which ensures rigidity and good stability.

The torsion bare suspension ensures excellent passenger comfort. The independent suspension on the front wheels enables running with high tyre pressure, reducing the risk of punctures and minimizing rolling drag.

Designed with children in focus
The Kangaroo is intended for transportation of children and this has been the focus from the start unlike other cargo bikes where cargo transportation is the point of departure.

So it is not only the superb road-holding capabilities we have thought of, but equally important is it that the children are comfortable and safely seated in the cabin, where the parents can seem them.

The Kangaroo Bike has a roomy cabin and flexible construction fitting two children of up to 135 cm of height. The lower front makes it easy to enter the cabin and the safe child seats can slide forwards, backwards, face backwards and lie in a sleeping position.

The frame construction on the Kangaroo Bike is light, strong and torsion-stable. It is built on aluminum 6061 ensuring low unladen weight. It has reflexes and it has been prepared for adding lights.

The bike has a frame number on the back frame and a visible number plate with the same number built into the front frame to prevent theft.

Kangaroo is supplied...
The Kangaroo is supplied individually adapted and fully assembled with hood, hydraulic disc brakes, puncture free tires and 7 gear shimano nexus. Seats and other accessories should be specified when ordering a Kangaroo, see also under ‘accessories’.

The hood comes in red, black, grey and blue. The frame comes in black, red, silver, white and blue. These colors can be combined as you like.

Color combinations Hood: Red, black, blue, silver. Frame: Black, red, blue, silver and white.
Frame construction Aluminium 6061.
Cabin base Impact-resistant polyethylene, UV stabilised.
Hood Nylon, shower-proof PVC-free fabric.
Steering system Patented 3-point steering system to ensure stable, dynamic road-holding properties.
Front wheel suspension Stand-alone torsion bar suspension on the front wheels.
Front wheels 20x1.75 with mono-suspended hub, double-based aluminum rim and hydraulic disc brakes.
Rear wheels 26x1,75 with internal gear and footbrake.
Net weight 38 kg. hood and seats: 6 kg.
Load capacity 100 kg, excl. driver
Wheel track spacing 86 cm
Dimensions Length: 218 cm, width: 90 cm, height: 120 cm.
Cabin dimensions Length: 95 cm, width: 70 cm, elbow width: 77 cm, height from cabin seat to hood: 77 cm.



Item number




Single seat complete (max two units per trike)



Pocket, right (max two units per trike)



Pocket, left (max two units per trike)


15862 + 11604

Luggage carrier incl. rear light



Prop stand for the front



Frame lock, black



Weber baby seat
The baby seat can be mounted on the existing seats. It is is recommended for children from 6 month but max. 9 kg.



Head support for the baby seat
The headsupport can be attached inside the Weber baby seat so that even the youngest babies can fit the seat.



Rain cover/garage - covers the front
The rain cover gives brilliant protection of the cabin on rainy days.
The service life of the cabin is extended if avoiding sunlight for longer periods and using the cover instead.



Rain cover/garage - covers the entire bike
This rain cover is protecting the entire bike. It gives brilliant protection of the cabin on rainy days. The service life of the cabin is extended if avoiding sunlight for longer periods and using the cover instead.







Pos. Description Text Article no.
1 Hood
  Kangaroo  Hood with the rear part Red   158.72
  Kangaroo  Left side hood Red   158.70
  Kangaroo  Right side hood Red   158.71
  Kangaroo  Hood with the rear part Black   158.85
  Kangaroo  Left side hood Black   158.83
  Kangaroo  Right side hood Black   158.84
  Kangaroo  Hood with the rear part Blue   158.80
  Kangaroo  Left side hood Blue   158.78
  Kangaroo  Right side hood Blue   158.79
  Kangaroo  Repair kit for hood Set Tool and press studs 191.37
  Kangaroo  Front bar Alu right     207.17
  Kangaroo  Front bar Alu left     207.18
  Kangaroo  Frontbar Alu     158.03
2 Plastic base
    Plastic base Black   350.50
  Kangaroo  Pocket left Black   158.76
  Kangaroo  Pocket right Black   158.75
  Kangaroo  Seat complete Black   392.40
  Kangaroo  Seat net Black   158.77
  Kangaroo  Seat belt Black   159.03
  Kangaroo  Seat crotch for stitching      392.28
  Kangaroo  Belt buckle Black   158.35
  Kangaroo  Safety walk Black   158.43
  Kangaroo  Mudguard Black Set 158.46
  Kangaroo  Bracket for lamp Black   158.48
  Kangaroo  Crotch pillow Black   151.61
  Kangaroo  Hip belt 840 Black   159.01
3 Frame
  Kangaroo  Saddle     158.30
  Kangaroo  Seat pin     158.31
  Kangaroo  Saddle bracket     158.32
  Kangaroo  Handle bar stem     158.34
  Kangaroo  Pedal     122.26
  Kangaroo  Strap for brake lever     159.02
  Kangaroo  BASTA lock frame 583 black Black   117.24
  Kangaroo  Mudguard rear     129.46
  Kangaroo  Suspension for mudguard     128.82
  Kangaroo  Prop stand     158.37
  Kangaroo  Cycle rack     158.62
3a Brakes - open system from 2010 - 2nd quarter
  Kangaroo  Tektro Auriga - Open system with Parking function   set 158.63
  Kangaroo  Brake shoe (set) - Tektro,  open system    2 set per Kangaroo 190.33
3a Brakes - closed system from 2005 - 3rd. quarter 2008  
  Kangaroo  Tektro Auriga - closed system (complete) Up grade set     333.50
  Kangaroo  Brake discs - closed system     159.20
  Kangaroo  Brake shoe (Set) - Tektro   2 set per Kangaroo 190.28
  Kangaroo  Brake shoe (Set) - FIBRAX   2 set per Kangaroo 190.30
  Kangaroo  Spare parts kit brake system old   Oil + misc  190.29
3a Brakes - open system from 3rd. quarter 2008  
  Kangaroo  Tektro Auriga Twin brake - open system   set 158.59
  Kangaroo  Brake shoe (Set) Tektro open system     190.32
  Kangaroo  Spare parts kit brake system new   Oil + misc  190.31
  Kangaroo  (Parking brake) (Strap 159.02 is phased out)     158.63
4 Handle bar
  Kangaroo  Handlebar Alu     158.33
  Kangaroo  Foam grip     158.64
  Kangaroo  Shock absorber     158.54
  Kangaroo  Changer Sram-5     330.00
  Kangaroo  Changer Sram-7     333.32
  Kangaroo  Inner cable     158.61
  Kangaroo  Outer cable     118.15
5 Front wheel
  Kangaroo  Front wheel right     350.24
  Kangaroo  Front wheel left     350.25
  Kangaroo  Tyre 20" x 1.75     110.92
  Kangaroo  Inner tube 20"     110.91
6 Rear wheel
  Kangaroo  Rear wheel - Nexus 7     360.40
  Kangaroo   Rear wheel – Sram-5     360.29
  Kangaroo   Rear wheel – Sram-7     360.33
  Kangaroo  Tyre 26" x 1.75     110.88
  Kangaroo  Inner tube 26"     110.82


More information is coming soon...

Product features

Why choose a Kangaroo Bike?
The Kangaroo Bike is uniquely designed for safe transport of children with the impact-resistant base with 2 seats and hood. The cabin comes in a unique design and has a flexible construction enabling you to convert it to your needs. It is a light transport bike for children but yet strong and torsion-stable. The multi-adjustable handlebars make it easy to find your ideal riding position. The patented 3-point steering system ensures rigidity and good stability. Visit a dealer and book a test ride.


Is a Kangaroo Bike easy to ride?
Yes. An adjustable steering damper with 6 positions is mounted making it very easy for you to find your ideal riding position. If the bike is too lively, it is very easy to adjust the steering damper for your needs.


Does the Kangaroo Bike come with a parking brake?
Yes. Use the propstand situated in the front of the Kangaroo Bike.


Is the hood on a Kangaroo Bike waterproof?
The hood on the Kangaroo Bike is shower-proof. However, with persistent rain it is recommended to use the rain cover (available as accessory).



Size and safety

How old should the children be to be seated in a Kangaroo Bike?
The Kangaroo Bike has a roomy cabin combined with flexible construction. Two seats for two children of up to 150 cm (app. 10-12 years of age) are fitted as standard. A baby seat is available as accessory and recommended for children aged 6 months upwards weighing up to a maximum of 9 kg. The baby seat is easily mounted on the existing seats in the cabin.


Is it possible to drive with just 1 child in a Kangaroo Bike?
Yes. It is possible to dismount one seat and place the other seat in the middle of the cabin for optimum balance.


Are the children safely placed in a Kangaroo Bike?
Yes. Your children are secured in the seats by a waist and crotch belt offering optimum safety during travel.



Protection from theft

Has there been thoughts concerning theft protection of a Kangaroo Bike?
Yes. The Kangaroo Bike is provided with a key lock placed on the back wheel. Furthermore, the bike has a frame number on the back frame and a visible number plate with the same number built into the front frame. This makes it very easy to identify the bike – and will keep the thieves at a distance!




Why is it called a Kangaroo Bike?
Of course, the name comes from nature, where the kangaroo carries her joeys safely in the pouch. The same concept as for the Kangaroo Bike.


Is a Kangaroo Bike a delivery bike?
Yes. We call the bike for a family bike, however, many uses the expression delivery bike about this type of bike. Family bike or delivery bike – two sides of the same coin.


Where is the Kangaroo Bike produced?
Our Kangaroo Bike is a Danish produced family bike. The production takes place near Silkeborg, from where Kangaroo Bikes are sent to most of the world.



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