Kangaroo Luxe - 4 seats

Kangaroo is a 4 child carrier bike designed to meet the transport needs of daycare mothers and nurseries.

The Kangaroo 4 child version delivers:

  • Safe transport of up to 4 children (up to the age of 4 years)
  • Takes the children on outings
  • Build with the children in focus
  • Suspension and great comfort
  • Exceptional road-holding qualities
  • Elegant, eye catching design
  • Flexible layout
  • Delivered ready to ride

Ergonomic design
To make outings comfortable for adults, much emphasis has been placed on modern ergonomic requirements. This is reflected by the multi-adjustable handlebars, which may be individually adjusted. The same is true of the seat, which is fitted with a quick tightener, making it easy to change user.

Strength and stability
The frame construction is light and strong with torsional stability. The bike is fitted with a patented three-point steering system together with an adjustable steering damper, which provides the bike with good stability and optimal road-holding qualities. The bike is fi tted with hydraulic disc brakes on the front wheels, which ensure good braking action irrespective of wind and weather.

Designed with the children in focus
Much thought has also been given to the safety and comfort of the children during outings. The child sits comfortably in a closed cabin of high quality. They are also secured by a five-point seatbelt, so they can sit safely during the outing. Furthermore, the bike is shock-absorbing and fitted with a torsion suspension so that the children avoid bumps and jolts during outings. The children can ”board” the bike themselves and the nursery worker thereby avoids heavy and awkward lifting, while the children find getting in themselves fun.

Freedom and flexibility
The end result is an ideal vehicle for nursery workers/daycare mothers, where safety, comfort and ergonomics all come together. It is ideal for long outings. For example an outing to the day nursery, the playground or just a trip outside. Adults have greater freedom of action by being able to travel within a larger radius using bike transport.

And the children will love it!


Frame construction

Aluminum 6061

Cabin base

Impact-resistant polyethylene, UV stabilised


Nylon, shower-proof PVC free fabric

Steering system

Patented 3-point steering system

Front wheel suspension

Stand-alone torsion bar suspension

Front wheels

20X1.75 with mono-suspended hub, double-based aluminum rim and hydraulic disc brakes

Back wheels

26x1.75 with internal gears and footbrake

Net weight

44 kg

Hood and seats

12 kg

Load capacity

100 kg

Wheel track spacing

86 cm


Length 218 cm, width 90 cm, height 120 cm

Cabin dimensions

Length 95 cm, width 70 cm, elbow width 73 cm,hood height above seats (front ) 73 cm (back) 54 cm


More information is coming soon...


Pos. Description Text Article no.
1 Hood
  Kangaroo Hood with the rear part Red   158.72
  Kangaroo Left side hood Red   158.70
  Kangaroo Right side hood Red   158.71
  Kangaroo Hood with the rear part Black   158.85
  Kangaroo Left side hood Black   158.83
  Kangaroo Right side hood Black   158.84
  Kangaroo Hood with the rear part Blue   158.80
  Kangaroo Left side hood Blue   158.78
  Kangaroo Right side hood Blue   158.79
  Kangaroo Repair kit for hood Set Tool and press studs 191.37
  Kangaroo Front bar Alu right     207.17
  Kangaroo Front bar Alu left     207.18
  Kangaroo Frontbar Alu     158.03
2 Plastic base
    Plastic base Black   350.50
  Kangaroo Pocket left Black   158.76
  Kangaroo Pocket right Black   158.75
  Kangaroo Seat complete Black   392.40
  Kangaroo Seat net Black   158.77
  Kangaroo Seat belt Black   159.03
  Kangaroo Seat crotch for stitching     392.28
  Kangaroo Belt buckle Black   158.35
  Kangaroo Safety walk Black   158.43
  Kangaroo Mudguard Black Set 158.46
  Kangaroo Bracket for lamp Black   158.48
  Kangaroo Crotch pillow Black   151.61
  Kangaroo Hip belt 840 Black   159.01
3 Frame
  Kangaroo Saddle     158.30
  Kangaroo Seat pin     158.31
  Kangaroo Saddle bracket     158.32
  Kangaroo Handle bar stem     158.34
  Kangaroo Pedal     122.26
  Kangaroo Strap for brake lever     159.02
  Kangaroo BASTA lock frame 583 black Black   117.24
  Kangaroo Mudguard rear     129.46
  Kangaroo Suspension for mudguard     128.82
  Kangaroo Prop stand     158.37
  Kangaroo Cycle rack     158.62
3a Brakes - open system from 2010 - 2nd quarter
  Kangaroo Tektro Auriga - Open system with Parking function   set 158.63
  Kangaroo Brake shoe (set) - Tektro, open system   2 set per Kangaroo 190.33
3a Brakes - closed system from 2005 - 3rd. quarter 2008  
  Kangaroo Tektro Auriga - closed system (complete) Up grade set     333.50
  Kangaroo Brake discs - closed system     159.20
  Kangaroo Brake shoe (Set) - Tektro   2 set per Kangaroo 190.28
  Kangaroo Brake shoe (Set) - FIBRAX   2 set per Kangaroo 190.30
  Kangaroo Spare parts kit brake system old   Oil + misc 190.29
3a Brakes - open system from 3rd. quarter 2008  
  Kangaroo Tektro Auriga Twin brake - open system   set 158.59
  Kangaroo Brake shoe (Set) Tektro open system     190.32
  Kangaroo Spare parts kit brake system new   Oil + misc 190.31
  Kangaroo (Parking brake) (Strap 159.02 is phased out)     158.63
4 Handle bar
  Kangaroo Handlebar Alu     158.33
  Kangaroo Foam grip     158.64
  Kangaroo Shock absorber     158.54
  Kangaroo Changer Sram-5     330.00
  Kangaroo Changer Sram-7     333.32
  Kangaroo Inner cable     158.61
  Kangaroo Outer cable     118.15
5 Front wheel
  Kangaroo Front wheel right     350.24
  Kangaroo Front wheel left     350.25
  Kangaroo Tyre 20" x 1.75     110.92
  Kangaroo Inner tube 20"     110.91
6 Rear wheel
  Kangaroo Rear wheel - Nexus 7     360.40
  Kangaroo Rear wheel – Sram-5     360.29
  Kangaroo Rear wheel – Sram-7     360.33
  Kangaroo Tyre 26" x 1.75     110.88
  Kangaroo Inner tube 26"     110.82


More information is coming soon...

More information is coming soon...


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