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Project Description


Wallaroo is the safe and fun two wheeled cargo bike from Winther – made in an innovative Long John style design. It comes with a comfortable cabin with room for up to two children as well as a flatbed version.


The Wallaroo is ridden like a normal bike and is both fast and easy to maneuver when you get to know it. It is easy to get through the city in a fast manner and then is slim so you can also get through narrow alleys and urban traffic.


The Wallaroo child pod is among the best in the market. It holds up to two children safely fastened in the spacious cabin. The backrests can be adjusted to a lying position and the solid bottom, in a shock-resistant design, provides maximum protection of children. The strong alu bars holding the hood provides extra safety over their heads. Side windows and the front can open and there is a spacious luggage compartment behind the seats.


Contrary to other Long John style bicycles the Wallaroo has a low entry, which is an advantage if the bike has multiple users or you often need to get on and off.

The design is thought-though and components are selected for their quality. For example the double-profile frame, which is made of 6061 aluminum. See more about the technical details below.


And comes with hydraulic disc brake on the front wheel, puncture resistant Schwalbe tyres, hood and seats. Wallaroo is also available without the cabin. Read more about the Wallaroo flatbed version here. The hood is available in red or black and the frame comes in red, black, blue, white, silver. All colors can be combined as desired.

An e-solution is also an option. If you live in a hilly area, need to carry a heavy load or just want that extra speed, then we recommend to buy get an e-solution.


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Design: Leif Hagerup and Lars Malmborg

Color combinationsHood: Red and black. Frame: Black, red, blue, silver and white.
Frame constructionAluminium 6061.
Cabin baseImpact-resistant polyethylene, UV stabilised.
HoodNylon, shower-proof fabric.
 Flatbed Aluminum tread plate
Front wheels20×1.75 with mono-suspended hub, double-based aluminum rim and hydraulic disc brakes. xxxx
Weight32 kg. Hood plus seats 6 kg
Load capacity80 kg, excl. driver.
DimensionsLength: 263 cm, width: 79 cm (with cabin) 46,5 cm (without cabin)
Cabin dimensionsLeng room: 58 cm, seating area: 20*54 cm, elbow width: 65 cm, height from cabin seat to hood: 76 cm.
Wallaroo has one of the best child pods in the market. E.g. the backrest can be put to resting position making it more comfortable for children. It is a fast two wheeler and rides well, also over long distances.