Project Description


A Cargoo is quick and easy to transport children, goods or other cargo around. It is Winther’s most flexible model and can take up to 100 kg.


A Cargoo offers excellent road-holding capabilities, and it is easy to maneuver – also when you have to cut corners while carrying a load. The steering system is a head-tube solution with steering damper for a comfortable, stable ride.


The spacious box is 86 cm long and 70 cm wide. It has a lower front, so it is easier to lift children or heavy objects to and from the platform. The front has a stirrup making it easy for children to climb onboard themselves. A Winther Cargoo can take 100 kg in addition to the driver. Read more about the Cargoo for goods transport purposes here.


The seating in a Cargoo is versatile. Specify how you want the seat solution at the time of order. Most common is to have two seats placed at the rear end, but you can also choose to start with just one seat. The Cargoo holds up to a total four children. When it is just two sitting at the rear end they can measure up to 135 cm. It is also possible to bring your baby(ies) along – the Cargoo holds up to two babies fixed in the middle of the box. See ‘accessories’ for more Cargoo seating solutions.


The cabin is made of impact-resistant, highly durable ABS plastic. This makes it robust, durable and easy to clean. The sides of the box are easily decorated for example with your own logo, personal stickers etc.
The top edge has been reinforced using a steel tube, and all components are of high quality, so it is built to last whether you use the bike for personal or business use.


and comes with hydraulic disc brakes on the front wheels, puncture resistant Schwalbe tires and 7-speed Shimano Nexus as standard. Seating solutions, cover and other accessories must be specified when ordering.

E-solution is also an option. We recommend this if you live in a hilly area, carry a heavy load or just prefer to get there faster. See more about our e-solution here.

The frame comes in red, black, silver, blue and white and the covering hood is available in black and red. A flat cover is available in black or red. All of these colors can be combined as desired.


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Design: Leif Hagerup og Lars Malmborg

Color combinations Frame: Black, red, blue, silver and white.
Frame construction Aluminium 6061 (rear frame) Steel (front frame)
Cabin base Impact-resistant ABS platic
Hood Easily removable hood in either black or red
Steering system Head tube solution
Front wheels 20×1.75 with mono-suspended hub, double-based aluminum rim and hydraulic disc brakes.
Rear wheels 26×1,75 with internal gear and footbrake.
Net weight 39 kg
Load capacity 100 kg, excl. rider
Wheel track spacing 81,5 cm
Dimensions Length: 207 cm, width: 89 cm, height (to handlebar): 114 cm, height with hood: 126 cm Box height rear end: 45 cm, box height front end: 32 cm.
Cabin dimensions Length: 86 cm, width: 70 cm, head height above seats rear end 74 cm.
It ‘s easy to take the seats out, but it takes 15 min or so, so it’s not something you want to do every day.
We are working on developing this.
Yes, you can fit in up to two baby seats in the Cargoo. The baby seat plus adapter can be placed in the middle of the box on either the right or left side (if it is just one baby) or next to each other if there are two. If e.g. you have one baby placed on the right hand side, then next to the baby seat you can have a single seat. Or two single seats right behind each other if e.g. you will bring along three children. Please note that if you need this solution where you carry a baby + two children, then the two children sitting in front of each other can be up to app. 4 years of age.