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Project Description


Dolphin is Winther’s award winning cycle trailer. It takes up to two children and is designed based on optimized safety and comfort. There are two versions of the Dolphin: Dolphin NE and Dolphin XL.


Compared to Dolphin XL the NE has two brakes and both a canopy and side windows that can open. The headroom in a Dolphin NE is 70 cm (The XL has a head room of 75 cm). The side windows can open fully or partly for added ventilation on a hot summer day.


  • A cabin headroom of 70 cm gives plenty of space for the children.
  • The children are secured fastened using the shoulder harness which offers optimal safety.
  • The seats can be put to sleeping position and the impact-resistant base offers maximum protection of the children.
  • Behind the seats there is plenty of space for luggage, shopping bags and more.
  • Despite its spacious cabin, the Dolphin is among the most narrow 2-seater child cycle trailers in its class with a total width of less than 80 cm. The narrow width makes you feel safe even on narrow cycle path.


The hood has reflector strips on all sides to ensuring a safe journey. The rear end of the hood comes in clear yellow; an intentional choice making the cycle trailer easy to spot in daylight as well as after dark.

We use puncture resistant Schwalbe tires on the Dolphin trailer. These tires are specially developed for trailers ensuring a comfortable and stable ride.

The ventilation in the cabin is easily adjusted. Both side windows can be fully or partially opened using a zipper. The front window can be fully opened while the net still protects against bugs, the sun etc.


The Dolphin is also great for going shopping or just taking along. It is easily fitted with the pushbar and the rotatable front wheel which makes it steer like a push-buggy. The large wheels make it light and easy to push even over rough grounds.


Dolphin NE comes in red or black delivered with an adaptor for weber coupling and buggy wheel. There are two different coupling options: the Winther standard or the Weber coupling. Always ask your dealer which coupling fits your bike.


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Hull and backrest Unbreakable polyethylene plastic
Frame and tow bar Hardened aluminium tubing
Coupling Cast aluminium and polyurethane flexi-joint
Hood Shower-proof nylon
Wheels 20 x 1.75 aluminium rim with stainless spokes
Hub Aluminium with sealed ball bearings
Weight (incl. push bar) 13,3 kg
Maximum load 50 kg
Wheel track spacing 77 cm
Dimension with tow bar (L x B x H) 172 x 79 x 99
Dimension when collapsed (L x B x H) 101 x 79 x 39
Sides 20 x 54 cm
Headroom from seat 70 cm
Elbow width 65 cm
Legroom (center, from backrest) 58 cm
Download our PDF with the spareparts here.

For a visual view of the spareparts download the PDF here.

spareparts Donky Trailer overview
When you order a Dolphin then you must choose which coupling the trailer should come with. You can choose between Winther’s standard coupling which fits most bikes or the Weber coupling which usually fits mountain bikes. Always ask your dealer which coupling will fit your bike the best.