All our Winther Kangaroo models come with or without e-motor. An e-motor gives you the extra power boost to make your journey more comfortable. It encourages longer rides and suddenly the heavy load feels much lighter. Not to mention all the other benefits such as emission free travel, low maintenance and insurance costs etc. We offer you two e-options. This one is our Shimano STePS center motor:

250W /36V – A strong and light weight torque based motor which gives you all the needed assist for a natural and smooth ride. Max. 25km/h (cuts off automatic)

The battery is a powerful Li-ION 14 Ah – 504 Watt

The battery is detachable and can be locked onto the bike.

The performance and lifetime of the battery is depending on the temperature and therefore it is recommended to detach the battery and store it / charge it inside at room temperature.

Up to 45 km estimated. However, many factors influence the range the bike can go, for instance the size of the battery, the charging procedure, the terrain, the user weight and the driving pattern.

The display sleek and easy-to-read display contains multiple functions including speed, distance, trip time, clock, gear, estimated range, battery indication, and much more. Choose between 4 levels to fit your riding style.

Gear options:
Choose between the new dedicated e-bike hub, Inter-5 Nexus with DI2 electronic shifting or the well-known Alfine 8 gear hub with manual gear shifting.

Technical data:
Power: 250W/36V
Max torque: 60 Nm
Brake system: Disc 160 mm
Battery: 14 Ah (504 Wh)
Lights: Included both rear and front
Weight: 2.88 Kg
Max range: Up to 45 Km*

* The battery range depends on the way you ride the bike as well as other external factors such as: State of charge, tire pressure, terrain, motor setting, load, weight of rider, weather and more.