The Maxi Cosi adaptor for the Winther Cargoo model makes it easy to transport your baby. Tug the little one in the Maxi Cosi seat, place it in your Winther Cargoo and go. No need to wake up your child whether you go by cargo bike, buggy or car.

The Maxi Cosi adaptor is securely fixed in the Cargoo box. It can be placed alone or next to a second seat allowing for transportation of an additional child. Use the double lock system to release the chair and to fix the seat again, push it in until you hear a click.

In a Cargoo there can be only Maxi Cosi adaptor. It is installed at the point of ordering the bike. It is not possible to retrofit at this moment.

The adaptor fits the Maxi Cosi Pebble version