Project Description


A true Danish design icon that lasts for generations. That’s the red-and-white tricycle by Winther. Over the decades, more than two million of them have been whizzing around with children at the pedals – offering freedom, movement and fun for generations of children.


Winther’s tricycle boost children’s motor skills, imagination and senses. It enables freedom of movement and creates joy everyday. Learning to ride a bike is a very important part of children’s development. It improves their motor-  and balance skills and is also adding high play value to their life. For example when using the tipping tray for transporting sand, teddy bears, dolls and the like around the big world.

The Winther trike is produced with an emphasis on quality and safety. It is suitable for children from 1 to 4 years of age and comes in many bright color combinations:

  • Model 405.00 Red
  • Model 405.25 Pink
  • Model 405.08 Blue
  • Model 405.28 Multicolor
  • Model 405.16 Black

Nb: Please note that the wheels are a new version compared to previously.

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Length73 cm
Width44 cm
Height53 cm
Net weight6,5 kg
Frame constructionSteel frame, impact resistent powder coating
You can see an online video here done by one of our business partners. It is in Danish only but it may still be of help.