Winther Bikes In The Media

Read how others are experiencing our Kangaroo cargo bikes. Here you can find a selection from several newspapers and magazines.

“Winther Kangaroo Luxe wins as the best cargo bike in test. Read the review made by the Danish newspaper 24 hours and the Danish Cyclist Union.”

“Read a review of the Winther Kangaroo Luxe in the world’s leading bike magazine – BICYCLING.”

“The Kangaroo is among the 10 best cargo bikes according to the US lifestyle magazine HiConsumption. Read the full reveiw here

“The e-Kangaroo is one of the best cargo bikes according to a London mum. Read about her experiences in the Cargo Bike Review in the UK news paper the Telegraph”

“Allow me to introduce you to the Kangaroo, the most sophisticated cargo bike I’ve met” says a Chicago mum – Read her extensive review of the Kangaroo here.

Winther Bikes delivers DANSK – The world’s leading fashion magazine


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Interview with Winther bike owners

Videos are coming soon where we interview Winther Kangaroo Bike owners. Stay tuned!