A. Winther A/S is one of Denmark’s oldest bike factories. Its proud traditions dates back to 1932 where Winther was established. Today A. Winther A/S continues to be a family owned company – now managed by the 3rd generation. It all began as a hobby where blacksmith Anders Winther started producing sleighs and trikes. The products quickly became a success and today Winther is adhering to the same values and product principles as back then namely: Design, quality and safety.


For many years Winther has focused on producing high quality bikes for children and adults. We collaborate with industry experts and designers in order to create bikes that are a pleasure to ride every day. The Kangaroo cargo bikes we started making in 2005 where Kangaroo Luxe was the first model made. Innovative because of its patented three-point steering system and unique features.


Besides designing and producing cargo bikes, trailers and trikes Winther also has strong position within trikes and educational toys for nurseries, schools and the like. Today we export a wide range of trikes, fun vehicles and educational toys to more than 50 countries worldwide. Maybe you recognize the small red Winther Viking vehicles or the red Gonge top from your child’s institution? See more at www.a-winther.com.

Before year 2007 Winther also produced classic children and adult bikes, but to focus on the cargo bikes and educational market, this part of the business was sold off. You can still buy Winther children and adult bikes, but this part is now managed by H. F. Christiansen. See their website here: www.winther-cykler.dk


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Located In Them near Silkeborg

Rygesmindevej 2
8653 Them


At Winther Bikes we are committed to designing and producing cargo bikes, trailers and other innovative products that make a difference everyday. Whether it is a little tricykle, that your child enjoys whizzing around on. Or whether it is one of our cargo bikes that transports your child safely to kindergarten. Our ambition is simple: we want to make bikes that people love – everyday!


Based on our expertise in making bikes and products for children (since 1932), we strive to make the best bikes. Not only do we focus on the riding experience itself, but comfort and safety is also very important to us. This materializes e.g. in the shock-resistant and sturdy cabins, seats specifically designed for children and reliable brakes, so you can be clearly seen in traffic and more. This design philosophy is incorporated into our products from the outset and has lead to wide recognition of our products. For example the Kangaroo Luxe won as best in test. Read more here.


Our bikes are unique Danish design and each of the cargo bikes are assembled by hand at our factory near Silkeborg, Denmark. We also make parts of the frames ourselves, we paint them and more – customized to you, built with care.


At Winther Bikes we support the green movement and believe in pedal power. Biking is great excise, parking is easy and it is better for our planet – Something which we also consider when we select materials and design our production. But most important is that our bikes become part of your everyday life because they serve the purpose – Our aim is to make bikes that you will love – everyday!