Project Description



Kangaroo Luxe 4 is the ultimate cargo bike for childminders, nurseries and the like. Great for taking the children on an outing. The unique advantages differs the Kangaroo Luxe 4 from other bikes in the market and it has also won the award as the best cargo bike in test. It is suitable for children up to the age of four years.


The children can easily enter the bike themselves due to the low entry point. This saves the adults from many heavy lifts while the kids find it fun. The propstand helps to ensure safe entry.

The hood and the Kangaroo cabin is equipped with reflectors so that it can clearly be seen in traffic. There is a practical rear pocket for easy storage at the rear end of the hood and is plenty of luggage space behind the four seats in the cabin.

The handlebar is multi-adjustable making it easy to adjust to different drivers and the same goes for the seat. The saddle post comes with a quick tightener, so it is easy to switch users.


Kangaroo Luxe has from the outset been developed for transport of children. The children are securely fastened in the closed, impact-resistant cabin. The specially designed injection molded seats are equipped with a five-point safety belt that is easy to adjust.

The hood can be opened at the front and rear end. The side windows can open and the same can the roof, so that the rider can easily reach down to the children. The strong alu bars holding the hood provide added safety over the children’s heads.


Kangaroo Luxe 4 offers unique road-holding qualities due to the patented three-point steering system which ensures rigidity and good stability. The steering damper has six settings to suit individual requirements. And furthermore the Kangaroo Luxe also has torsion suspension which smoothes out any bump and minimizes rolling drag.

Disc brakes on the front wheels as standard ensure safe braking whatever the weather. The frame construction is light yet strong and made of torsional rigid aluminum.


and comes with cover, disc brakes on the front wheels, puncture resistant Schwalbe tires and 7 speed Shimano Nexus. Seat package and other accessories must be specified when ordering, see ‘accessories’.

When riding with four children, we recommend adding an E-solution. See more about our e-solution here.

The hood comes in red, black, gray and blue. The frame comes in red, black, silver, blue and white. All of these colors can be combined as desired.


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Frame constructionAluminium 6061
Cabin baseImpact-resistant polyethylene, UV stabilised
HoodNylon, shower-proof fabric
Steering systemPatented 3-point steering system
Front wheel suspensionStand-alone torsion bar suspension
Front wheels20 x 1.75 with mono-suspended hub, double-based aluminum rim and hydraulic disc brakes
Rear wheels26 x 1,75 with internal gears and footbrake
Net weight44 kg
Hood and seats12 kg
Load capacity100 kg
Wheel track spacing86 cm
DimensionsLength: 218 cm, width: 90 cm, height: 120 cm
Cabin dimensionsLength: 95 cm, width: 70 cm, elbow width: 73 cm, hood height above seats (front ) 73 cm (back) 54 cm