Award-winning bike trailer From Winther

For more than 20 years Winther has been making strong bike trailers for your transport need. Whether it is goods transport or your children that needs to go somewhere, then Winther offers a wide selection of trailers.

The child trailer is ideal for parents that share the school run.

Or do you have a transport need, then the Donkey trailer carries your luggage, groceries or whatever it may be.

Both are easily attached to your bike and can be brought along individually.

Safety first

Solid cabins, strong alu bars and safe brakes - it makes a difference!

Child transport safety is at our heart

If you are looking for strong and safe cargo bikes for your transport need, then look here!

Durable quality

For a sustainable ride. Bikes that are build to last you a long time.


Winther Bikes are intended to last a long time. Therefore, the resell value is also high – your way of contributing to a sustainable environment?

Hand made in Denmark

At our factory we assemble all cargo bikes by hand, customized to you.


This way we can ensure the quality and make every bike according to your specification. Read more about our history here.