Project Description



The Donkey trailer is the perfect trailer to bring along. The cabin is spacious and you can use it for shopping, transporting goods or put it in the changing room when excercising. It can easily go behind a bike or it can be brought along by hand. Ideal for people who don’t like to carry too much around.

It is also great for bringing on day trips, outings and more. Ideal for all the lunch packages, toys or other things you bring along when e.g. taking the children on a trip.


Donkey can easily accommodate 65 liters and weight up to 40 kg. It has an adjustable grid for vertical or horizontal load separation. The heavy things can be placed at the bottom and the more fragile elements at the top. The grid can easily be adjusted by hand.


The box and the solid steel frame comes in black and the rainproof canopy comes in either black or red. A universal towing rack is included and fits most bikes.  However, there are three different coupling solutions available so ask your dealer which one fits your bike the best. Read more about the different coupling solutions available under ’accessories’.


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Donkey Comes complete with grid, universal towing rack, cover and safety strap
Frame Powder-coated tubular steel in an impact-resistant eco-friendly design
Box Spray-cast frostristant polyethylene
Cover Rainproof polyester
Wheels 16 x 1,75″ with ball bearings
Reflectors Rear reflector on mudguard and wheel spoke reflectors
Connector Powder-coated steel tubing (rounded), anti-tip bar and snap hook
Mesh Vertical or horisontal orientation
External dimensions Width 61 cm, length 100 cm incl. handle
Internal compartment Height 60 cm, width 38 cm, depth 37.5 cm
Load capacity Maximum 40 kg
Weight Approx. 10.5 kg, connector fitting approx. 1.4 kg
Guarantee Five years on the frame and one year on other parts

Dowload our PDF with the spareparts overview here Donkey spare parts.

The issue here could be that the universal towing rack which comes with the Donkey as a standard does not fit the bike. This has something to do with the frame of the bike. If it is a taller frame then the universal towing rack – low (85.000.12) will be a better fit. This towing rack will have a different angle enabling the Donkey to ‘follow your bike’ as it is supposed to. Do ask your dealer about which coupling would fit your bike the best.