Kangaroo Luxe Hood incl. Head Protection Bars - Grey

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The Kangaroo Luxe Hood is made from highly water-resistant, durable, and quick-drying nylon, providing excellent protection against the elements. It securely attaches to the cargo bike box using reinforced grommets.

It includes two side windows that can be unzipped, allowing fresh air to enter and providing better views of the outdoors. Additionally, there is a large window at the front, along with a reflective strip along the bottom for enhanced visibility during nighttime.

Located at the top/back of the hood, there is an adjustable sunroof. This feature enables parents to maintain eye contact with their children while riding, which is particularly beneficial for young ones who may require extra reassurance in a cargo bike.

The front panel can be unzipped using two sturdy YKK zippers and folded back, making it convenient for easy loading and unloading.

The back panel can be easily opened to access the compartment behind the Child Seats Luxe. It is perfect for storing groceries, school bags, or any other items you may need. 

Color: Grey

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