Weber Baby Seat

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Having your first child and need the safest and most comfortable transportation? Then look no further - get the Kangaroo Luxe with a single Weber Baby Seat. With a single seat you have loads of rooms for groceries, parcels, etc. The Weber Baby Seat Is mounted on a Child Seat Luxe, meaning that when the babies are big enough for a Child Seat, all you need to do is to remove the Weber Baby Seat and you are ready for a new chapter. 

The Weber Baby Seat is the ideal solution for transporting infants aged 3 to 9 months (max. 9 kg) in a Kangaroo Luxe. It features an adjustable 3-point harness system with a Kid Safe buckle. It’s made of high-quality EPP foam with a removable, washable cotton cover.

The Child Seat Luxe is engineered to provide optimal safety and comfort for children in a Kangaroo Luxe Bike. The seat slides into aluminum rails and is fastened using strong clamps. This way it can easily be rotated to face either forward or backwards depending on the age of your child. The Seat reclines to a resting position for added comfort.


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